Term 3 Reports

 This Term I went very well at school on my report, I didn’t get another perfect report but I still did my best.

I cant believe how fast this Term went, it feels like only about 2 weeks ago we came back from Term 2 holidays!

In my report for this Term I got all High’s from 7 of my teachers, and got all High’s and 2 Medium’s from my other 2 teachers.

My 3 favourite subjects for this Term were Art, PE and Electronics! In Art we accomplished many activities including our monochromacorn, our monochrome celebrity, our imagination workout, warm and cool colour drawings, our colour wheels and many other things! In PE we did lots of different types of sports and fun games! And in Electronics, at the start of the Term we learnt how to solder which was a lot of fun, then later on in the Term we just finished making a nerve tester game!

This Term has defiantly been a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

My Semester 1 report!!!

Semester 1 has been very exciting, entertaining and very nervracking, as I have started high school at Warrnambool College!!

My Semester 1 report has been very impressive as I have passed ALL subjects and have got a very high score.

In English I gto three C’s, in SOSE I got one C, in Maths I got three B’s, in Science I got one C, in Health and PE I got a C, for LOTE I got a C and with Personal Learning, Thinking Processes, Interpersoonal Development, Information and Communications Technology and Design, Creativity and Technology I got B’s!!

I am very pleased with my report, as I got amazing comments, thank you to all my teachers for Semester 1!

Term 2 Holidays!!

Holidays have finally arived!! I’m so glad, I’ve been DYING for holidays to come!!

These holidays I have been dong many fun activities with my friends and family!

On Saturday, I went to the fun4kids festival, it was great fun and there was lots of amazing acts. When I was there I saw the 2nd place winner from the X Factor, The Collective perform. I went to the festival with my friend Grace, when I was there I also saw my really good friends Amber and Morgan. We were there for the whole day, it was AWESOME!!!!

I also went to the pool 2 days in a row with our friends the Agnews, we went to the pool on Thursday and Friday. It was lots of fun and we were all very tired and hungry after we finished!

On the first week of the holidays I went to the Cinema with my little brother (Zac), my mum, my older sister (Sophie) and my younger sister (Paige). My mum, my younger brother an I went to watch Monsters University, while my older sister and my younger sister went to watch Epic. The movie was very good and explains a lot about the first movie of Monters Inc.

On the holidays I also had my lovely friend Teri-Lynn over, when she was over we went down to the park and play lots of fun games!!!!


My holidays were very entertaining and fun!!!!



How many smarties were in your packet? 26 (Brianna & I), 48 (Amile & Sarah’s + ours)

What colour is the most common for your  packet? Red

On average, how many smarties are in a packet? around 13

On average, what colour is the most common in a packet? Red

Was it easier to add up the totals and averages yourself, or for Excel to do this? Excel

Why is the “Fill” tool useful? becasue you can make stuff look pretty and colourful!!!



So far in Term 1 at Warrnambool College has been great!

We have done many exciting things here, I can’t believe how fast it has flown! It has been a great experience meeting so many new people, subjects and teachers.

We have already accomplished many assignments! And activities! Some activities we have accomplished are:

  • Our camp Cooriemungle day – which was great fun there was the giant swing (18 metres high), the high ropes course and the rock climbing wall.
  • Swimming Sports
  • We were offered to go to the district swimming to time the swimmers, it was a great day, and an extraordinary experience!!!

My new class this year is 7F, they have been great fun to be with! J

This year I’m in L2 for tute, my tute teacher is Mr Hebert. Mr Herbert is a new teacher!! Every day we go to tute in the morning and they will mark the roll and tell you what you need to know for the day, a normal tute session would go for 8 minutes, and an extended tute would go for 30 minutes.  I’m in the Logan’s house at Warrnambool College, Logan’s is purple, it’s defiantly the best house by farJ

The other houses are Belfast, Flagstaff, Merri, Hopkins and Childers.

Belfast is green

Flagstaff is red

Merri is orange

Hopkins is blue

And Childers is yellow

Stamps are one of my favourite parts about Warrnambool College. You can win many amazing prizes including: 50 stamps=name in newsletter/House pen, 75 stamps=highlighter, 100 stamps=water bottle, 150 stamps=lanyard, 200 stamps=canteen voucher, 300 stamps=house USB/celebration activity, 500 stamps=gold 5A award.